Played another great show last night at Milly’s Bar in New Hampshire. First time we’ve had a pre-high-schooler on stage with us. Skyler jumped up on stage as one of Max’s volunteers & said hello to the crowd.

Because we opened the show, we got to kick back afterwards, drink beer, chat and check the other bands.

We ended up sitting at the bar with these guys, shootin the breeze & talking life in general. That’s ‘May B Knotty’ (stage name), next to Max. She’s big into Roller Derby – a brutal knock out sport, on roller skates, where your opponents attempt to smash you off your feet before you make it to the finish line.

There’s video coming from the last 4 shows. We had a brutal trip back from Manchester this morning – had to have the tour vehicle & backline returned by midday in Jersey. Traffic was chaos, we only just made it – and had to lug all our gear from there to the path train, Hoboken to JSQ. Then to the apartment. Probably the hardest tour day ever. But we’re all good now, after being a little cranky earlier in the day.

Australian Rules Grand Final ends in a draw (all tied up). Unless you’re an Aussie, this probably doesn’t mean a whole lot. But if you are, it’s big news. It’s been 33 years since the last Grand Final draw (Collingwood played in that one as well). So we get to re-live the magic of GF week – one more time. They re-play the whole thing again next Saturday (not that we’ll see much action in the US).

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.